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Guide for Explorers

If you are 17 you’re probably wondering what you are going to do once you turn 18; you can’t be an Explorer any more so what else can you do? Network is a great way to continue with all of the Scouting activities you love from Explorers but in a way that fits around your ‘grown up’ lifestyle. At Kent Network we offer bigger, better Scouting for 18-25 year olds, with amazing activities ranging from climbing Kilimanjaro to competitive biscuit decorating, and everything in between! Here’s some of the things which we think you’ll like about Network:

  • Flexibility- Network fits around you, whether you’re going to University or getting a job. You just go along to the activities and events that you can make. You can do as much or as little as you like.
  • A voice- Everything a Network does is decided by its members. Although your Network might have Leaders, they are only there to help you when you need it; you decide what you want to do and when you will do it. So if you have a great idea for an activity, you can make it a reality.
  • Awards- You can achieve the biggest awards in Scouting as a member of Network, including the Queen’s Scout Award and the Gold D of E. These awards are often recognised by potential employers too.
  • Awesome events- Kent Network organises regular events for all of the Networks in Kent and they are a great excuse for a party! Events include the famous Barn Bash, Chillout camp, the Winter Ball, Monopoly run, KNEXT and Xmas meal.
  • Travel- There are loads of opportunities to travel as a member of Network. You can attend a World Scout Moot, volunteer as IST at an International or World Scout Jamboree, complete the Explorer Belt, include travel as part of your Gold D of E or QSA or take part in an expedition.

Like the sound of it?

If you want to join a Network your first step is to go to the ‘local units’ page to check whether there is a Network near you. If there is just drop them an email, you can start taking part in some Network activities once you are 17.5.

If there isn’t a Network near you don’t panic. There might be a Network just setting up in your District so email dave.norris@kentscouts.org.uk to find out. If there isn’t a Network in your area you can still join Kent Network, this will allow you to attend county and national events, work towards awards and take part in all of the International travel opportunities available to Networkers. You can also just join Kent Network if you don’t have time for the more regular commitment of a District Network. To join Kent Network just email Dave. If there are enough people of Network age in your District we could also help you to set up a Network.

What are your other options?

There are lots of things you can do in Scouts once you are 18 and if you wanted you could do all of them!

  • Become a leader- there are loads of leader roles out there from section leaders to occasional helpers and there are always groups in need of leaders. Just chat to your leaders about the roles that are available to you.
  • Join Scout Active Support- SAS is there to provide support for everyday Scouting in lots of different ways. You could help look after a campsite, provide First Aid or help on a Rock Climbing tower.
  • Join SSAGO- that stands for Student Scout and Guide Organisation. Some universities have SSAGOs and they allow Scouts and Guides to continue with their normal activities while at university. Alternatively, you could join a Network where you are going to University.
  • Network!- Network is the only option which is just for 18-25 year old Scouts so it is a great way to let off steam with people of your own age, with similar interests. A lot of Networkers also have other roles.