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Explorer Belt

The Explorer Belt is a challenge of a lifetime. It is a chance to take part in a ten day expedition that brings you a real 


understanding of a different country, its culture and way of life. You will develop this understanding by travelling through your chosen country, working as part of a small team to complete a series of projects and most importantly by meeting local people. It is an experience and an achievement that you will remember for the rest of your life.


To register your intention to complete the award please click here.

Be an Explorer Scout aged 16 or over, or a Scout Network member.

Undertake a 10 day expedition as part of a team* outside of the UK with a minimum travelling time of 50 hours over the 10 days, by foot, cycle, horse, canoe, boat or dinghy.

The use of public transport is acceptable as part of the travelling time, where opportunities to meet people would otherwise be missed.

*Minimum starting number of young people per team is three with the minimum of two per team completing the expedition.

During your preparation and expedition cover the following areas:

Show that you are competent in the following areas:
  Navigation skills
  Expedition cooking
  Lightweight camping
  Acceptable home hospitality
  Proficiency in mode of travel
  First Aid (covering First Response as a minimum)

Agree the budget before the expedition and record spending throughout the trip.

Log book
Keep a logbook of the expedition which records places visited, the route taken, project work undertaken and personal thoughts.

Complete one major project selected by the team which is undertaken throughout the expedition.

Complete at least ten minor projects which may be chosen by the team, leadership team, peers or a mixture of these

Take part in a debrief of the expedition with your mentor and leadership team.  Ideally this should be within 24 hours of the 10th day of the expedition or within 24 hours of return to the UK.

Make a presentation including all elements of your award to the assessment panel and other invited guests of your experiences and achievements.

Your expedition, project work, and presentation will be assessed by an assessment panel including your mentor to determine if you have successfully achieved your Explorer Belt. Final sign off of the award is the responsibility of a Commissioner at County level or District Commissioner in Scotland.

There is more information available at https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/search/?cat=8,194,219