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  • Chillout Camp 2013
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  • Chillout Camp 2013
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Chris Price- CNL (awards)

Chris, or Grandad as he's more well known, is one of the CNL's of the team helping to support YOU! 

How long have you been Scouting?

Since I was a Beaver! So 19 years so far...

What's your best Scouting experience?

There are far too many different, varied experiences, I couldn't pick a favourite.

Why do you scout?

Because of the above!

What is your role in the team?

Helping people out with awards stuff :)

What do you do when you're not Scouting?

Work, cycle/swim/run/climb and spend time with family and my favourite person.

Chris is responsible for assisting any Network members who are interested in completing awards. If you want to know anything all you need to do is drop him an email. He is also responsible for mentoring anyone who is completing the Scouts of the World Award