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Scouts of the World Award - Discovery Weekend
15th 19:00 - 17th March 2019 15:00

Scouts of the World Award - Discovery Weekend

A challenging Network only award for undertaking a personal development, peace or environment project that has sustainable outcomes. The Scouts...

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Invicta Challenge

Take Kent Scoutsí ultimate challenge. Complete two requirements from each of the sections below: K, E, N and T. You can


work on the challenge as an individual or as a Unit. Find out more from your Network Unit. Make sure you get a Leader to sign off each activity using the form at the bottom of this page.†

The requirements:


1. Take part in a County Network activity or expedition special activity

2. Run an event for all the other Groups or Sections in your District

3. Launch a District Network Unit of six members or recruit six more to an existing

District Network Unit

4. Attend a County Network Reps Quarterly "Get Together"


1. Take part in a camp at a National Activity Centre

2. Take part in MAD UK (www.essexscouts.org.uk/maduk) or a similar scale Network event

3. Take on an appointment as a Section Leader

4. Take part in an International Jamboree in the UK or abroad


1. Earn Kent Scoutsí Scout Mate Badge or help your Unit earn the Kent Scoutsí Gold Scout Mate Award

2. Have an article you have written published in County News

3. Have an article you have written published in Scouting Magazine or on


4. Take an active part in a fundraising activity for your Unit raising at least £200


1. Take part in an activity run by Kent Scoutsí Water Activities Team

2. Take part in an activity run by Kent Scoutsí Air Activities Team

3. Take part in an activity run by Kent Scoutsí Land Activities Team or Invicta Mountaineering Club

4. Produce and present a five-minute audio-visual presentation about Network Scouting in Kent

PLEASE NOTE: The award works on a "rolling year" not necessarily the calendar year. e.g. If your first challenge is dated 3rd March 2012 then the year for the Award would end on the 2nd March 2013 and all challenges must be completed within those 12 months.

Invicta Challenge Form
Invicta Challenge Form

Fill out this form as you complete the challenges.